Tales of the Otherwhere

Interested in reading about the beings of the Otherwhere? These stories tell the tales of magic and monsters that speak in whispers of the darkness that looms above us all. Each tale separate and distinct from the recorded history of the Seven Eidolons and their counterpart, the Precursor Six. All of it compiled here to reach out to you, from the writing hands of the final angel, in the hope that you will heed the warnings of a time come long before. The Machinations of the Erinyes are without restraint now, as each attempt to thwart them has failed. All I can do now, is give to you what I have been given… A glimmer of hope.

Unwelcome Visitor

“If you love them, why do you allow this kind of betrayal? Is it nothing more than a test? Or are you so busy that you can’t provide for your children, who you say you love so dearly?” – Ibnos to Syzal, upon the discovery of the Second’s pregnancy.

All unhappy families are alike, it was once said. Each in their own way, all of us carry a burden. Which could be more devastating? The burden of a lonely man who lost his daughter, or a man whose mind is trapped within a machine, devoid of memory?

Strange Fruit

“Was it your intention to make man grow as the trees?” – A wonder from Serah, to her Father.

We are beings of great love, and that love often comes with sacrifice. Would our sacrifice mean anything if we did not toil for it to be known? What sacrifice is more costly? The loss of love, or the loss of purpose?

Bad Ritual

“We offered them these gifts and for what? You know that when he has emerged from his hole in the ground he will return with something worse. What will the humans do then?” – Neri, to his Father upon the human’s discovery of Alchemy

It is rare to find a witch in the wild, their nature is that of darkness and trickery. Their form is often disguised just as well as their motive. When a witch was found dead by her own hand, Marcus Patton and his class investigate, but what they found was something far more dangerous.

Two Today

“A resilience I have seen in the humans is one that my brothers and sisters did not possess. Their ability to suffer extreme pain and recover as if they had never seen it is something I’ve been dwelling on.” – Chaim to Metatron, before the first betrayal.

The first moments of fatherhood are a blinding, confusing few hours. Take time to appreciate every second you have with your child, as it has been known… all things will one day come to an end.

143 Cents

It is curious, you know. The way love happens to them. What is it like?” – Overheard by a Seraphim to Father.

I’ve found that this restaurant chain the humans have created called Furlong’s has been witness to many emotions. I’ve taken to recording them out of pure excitement. Things seem to translate differently for them there. From fright to stress to love, the world they live in is different.

Those Green Hours

“Their reliance on alcohol is admittedly frustrating, What about the fermented grain that Father provided could bring such joy? They seem incapable of living without it. Those who do behave with such piety you’d think they had never felt the sting of dependence themselves.” – Overheard on the Agharthan Boardwalk.

It has long been a tradition of humankind to commit themselves to mind altering substances, despite their dangers. They are a curious breed, who will drink verdant ichor without a care for what it will do to them. Their insatiable desire for consumption leaves them chasing fey, something I wouldn’t wish upon the best of man.