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Life is a constant cycle of life and death. What matters is what we do in the meantime.

The Grimoire of Finality

About Modern Alchemy + Alva Tobias

About Alva Tobias

Thanks for stopping by, this page will give you a bit more information about Modern Alchemy, Alva Tobias and all of what I’m doing here.

I was born and raised in North Eastern Nevada, and out here, you have to make your own fun. In a city that was populated with sagebrush and stray coyotes, I drank the local folklore by the gallon. Growing up I found that I was fascinated by the wondrous and the macabre, which mixed with the faith that I had been raised in. What began as a sideline curiosity in Amityville and Middle Earth turned into a fully-fledged love for the sick art of storytelling. I took pride in the tradition I had seen passed down from my grandfather to my mother, and I took the mantle to be the next storyteller of my family.

As the proud new storyteller of the family, I watched as my grandfather passed away and it brought about a feeling I had never known. Doubt. I began to doubt my faith, and because of that, my future. It didn’t come all at once, but over the next few years, I silently wondered what the point of it all was. While those doubts and wonders dragged me through a wildly questionable emo phase, it brought me to a new passion. Studying. I began to read voraciously, absorbing as much information and new knowledge as I could. In the midst of this season of doubt, I questioned my faith and my purpose, questions that on some level remained within me until I graduated and entered the real world where I found myself feeling sorry in a job I couldn’t stand, that I didn’t want and living a life that I didn’t see a point in…

Then, an elderly woman bought my lunch. From that point on, as silly as it may seem, I saw my future and my plans and all of my wonder wrapped up into one beautiful dream. The simple act of kindness that I was given that day was enough to get me up, to change my mindstate and allow me to do everything I’ve gotten to do thus far, writing books, starting this blog, and most importantly, telling stories. Since then, I’ve been working as hard as I can on my own future, hoping to provide something I can be proud of when the wicked fate of all storytellers comes to gather me.

Modern Alchemy

I launched Gravity, My Enemy in 2012, and since then I have written weekly about the day to day life that can seem so overwhelming sometimes. I wrote about joys and struggles and how to come out on top of it all. When I began the blog, I didn’t know what I was doing it for, I only knew that I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it with everything inside of me. As such, I became consumed as I often do, with this project. I was swallowed by it and the rest of my life began to move as if I had no control over it. When I eventually stepped away from the blog to focus on my mental health, it felt as if I had lost all of the work I had put into this dream I have. I fell silent on all forms of media and eventually came to, feeling that quiet hum of fascination that had once faded, finally return. It felt as if I had awoken from a deep slumber, and when I stood from my bed that day, I went back to work.

Which is what brings us here, now. Gravity, My Enemy evolved along with me, and it became Modern Alchemy.


A medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.

Modern Alchemy is the new Firesoul, and as such, I will be sure to take great care to make it the best possible experience for you. On this blog moving forward, you will find a variance of topics, most of them, however, will focus on one of three things: Faith, Writing, and Inspiration. My goal with Modern Alchemy is to release content that blends my wide range of interests in a way that provides you with hope. Whether that’s analyzing the medium of a story, to reminiscing on memories, my interests are wide and to be honest with you, I couldn’t narrow this blog down to just one thing that I wanted to talk about. There are so many things I love. That being said, never forget that you can make the best things out of little pieces of tragedy, after all, that’s what Alchemy is all about.

I’ll see you soon, I’m sure.




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